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    Psychic Medium


    Transcending Boundaries: Sharing Messages from the Infinite Cosmos
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    About Me

    Ever pondered how to confront and conquer the fears tucked away within us?

    I certainly have.

    In the labyrinth of 2012, I embarked on a deeply personal odyssey, dedicating myself to embracing an authentic existence. This journey unfurled the vibrant tapestry of my innate spiritual essence and unraveled new dimensions within me.

    Today, I proudly stand as a Psychic Medium, fervently focused on healing and guiding others.

    I perceive existence as an intricate dance of equilibrium—a harmonious interplay of light and dark, positivity and negativity, the divine union of feminine and masculine, woven within the tapestry of yin and yang.

    In these compelling times, we're poised to elevate our frequencies from shadows to illumination.

    My earliest recollections whisk me back to childhood, vivid memories of intimate dialogues with departed loved ones and ethereal encounters with spirits in manifold guises.

    At a mere five years old, my conversations with my late grandfather were as vivid as the daylight. Yet, societal reluctance towards such mediumistic visions compelled me to stow away these intuitive gifts.

    Our personal evolution hinges upon the guidance we receive—each of us possesses the inherent ability to see, feel, and know. It's about the collective healing and the greater good.

    Presently, I serve as a conduit, channeling and delivering profound messages from realms beyond our own—be it cosmic allies, archangels, celestial guides, spirit animals, the vivacious energy of life, past lives, paths ahead, and beyond.

    Every guided message is a beacon, illuminating your path forward—an invitation to embody your authentic self in this lifetime and beyond. Remember, amidst these revelations, the sanctity of your free will always remains.

  • Books

    Take a look and enjoy!

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    Everyone likes a feel good story. We all love to hear, read or watch stories with happy endings. We love to root for the underdogs, fight for the helpless or support those who have been wronged. This is my story—my truth—as I experienced it. When a childhood is filled with trauma and adulthood is filled with care-taking, it is really easy to lose one’s self. Are we just the by-product of our past circumstances? What’s at the core? What if we believed that we could do something miraculous?

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    Voices of the 21st Century

    30 Extraordinary Women Come Together to Celebrate a New Era

    We are at a defining moment in history . . .

    The world as we know it is shifting from a society based on a predominantly masculine model into a new era, one with women at the forefront as the leaders of the twenty-first century. Within these pages, you’ll discover powerful female voices rising up to educate, guide, and inspire.

    Behind each story is a woman bold and brave enough to have her voice be heard.

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  • Services

    One-on-One Sessions, Small Group Readings, and Large Group Events

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    Small Group Readings

    Intimate Gathering

    Gather for an Uplifting Journey: Join Our Intimate Group Sessions Tailored for 5-10 Seekers Eager to Connect with the Spirit Realm. Each Encounter Promises a Unique and Potent Experience, Unveiling Varied Spiritual Insights. Discover the Diversity of Energy in Every Session, Where Profound Messages Await.

    • All sessions are by appointment only.
    • Coordinated by a single host at a location of their choice.
    • A casual, conversational environment is encouraged.
    • Sessions are scheduled for 2 hours but may go slightly over so please plan accordingly.
    • Fee is $50.00 per person with a minimum fee of $250.00 (5 person), not to exceed a maximum of 10 people.
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    One on One

    Private Consultation

    Indulge in Personalized Spiritual Guidance: Dive into Tailored One-on-One Sessions with Andrea. Experience the Power of Spirit-Guided Messages, Uniquely Crafted to Illuminate Your Path. Begin Each Session with Andrea's Insightful Description of Positive Messages Felt, Seen, and Heard from the Spiritual Realm.


    Spirit Guided Sessions

    • All sessions are by appointment only.
    • One on one sessions are typically completed over the phone or Zoom.
    • Clients are encouraged to prepare questions in advance.
    • Fee is $125.00 for 30 minutes or $250.00 per hour.
    • For 30 minute sessions: 10 minutes of the scheduled appointment time is for opening/greetings and closing and 20 minutes for the reading.
    • For hour long sessions: 10 minutes of the scheduled appointment is for opening/greetings and closing and 50 minutes for the reading.
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    Large Group Events

    Group Experience

    Seeking an Inspiring Evening? Join Andrea Dawn for an Enchanting Affair, as She Channels Uplifting Messages from the Divine for Event Attendees. Let Positivity Reign as Andrea Shares the Vibrant Messages She Feels, Sees, and Hears from the Sacred Realms.

    • Advanced scheduling/registration is required.
    • Call for more information such as pricing, location, and other materials.
  • Testimonials

    Gentle, Powerful, Beautiful

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    No judgement, just truth.

    Can't believe how helpful Andrea has been to me and my family. Her guidance and gentle spirit have helped me in life and work - no judgment, just truth. Thank you Andrea. -Lynn G, Elk Grove, California

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    Amazing and comforting.

    Andrea is a very gifted intuitive who takes you on a journey as you learn more about your own journey and place in this world. Her story is very entertaining, but also gives you a sense of how she came to be here sharing her gifts with us. I have had the honor of attending public and private group events, where she shared messages that were very helpful for me moving forward. I have also had a private one on one reading with her where again, the messages she shared were exactly what I needed at the time and moving forward. I will use her services again and I recommend her to friends. Buffy S., Minden, NV

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    Real Deal

    Know it to be true.

    I have been lucky enough to experience the real deal and know it to be true. Thanks for your help! - Jennifer B, Elk Grove, California

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    Gift of Spirit

    Accurate and very healing.

    Andrea is very gifted and such an amazing person...her personal story will awe you and her reading are incredibly accurate and very healing. She has the gift of spirit. If you are struggling or just have some questions that you need answered she can help. Don't pass up the opportunity to know and grow with a truly beautiful and gifted person. - Gayle E, Reno, Nevada

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    Beautiful Messages

    Wonderful guidance.

    After an unusually stressful week with both work and family, we scheduled an awakenings session with Andrea. Our two hour session was filled with so many beautiful messages from our loved ones who crossed over, our spirit guides and even a spirit animal. The session reminded us of our divine connection and the wonderful guidance and support we receive all the time. I feel so grateful to Andrea for her easy conversational approach and delightful personality. She is truly one of the most spiritually gifted people I've ever met.

    - DAN, Sacramento County, California

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    Heartfelt Messages

    Experience like no other.

    I am in awe of Andrea’s gift. I can only say that it’s a spiritual experience like no other. I really didn’t have to say anything about my life as the messages came pouring out of her. At the end of our session, I was so overcome with emotion that I cried with the feeling of a big hug from the universe. Andrea, you are a beautiful person. Thank you

    - DR, Chadds Ford, PA

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    Clarity Messages

    Experience like no other.

    Andrea thank you again for the amazing clarity, guidance and insights you provided to me yesterday during our session. Today I put what I learned during our session into practice and I was able to break free from a relationship problem and I finally felt clear about the action I needed to take. I honored my own feelings and I made progress in learning to identify what I needed to do to take care of myself. What a gift you gave me in providing clarity to this challenging situation in my life! Thank you. KQ, Placerville, CA

  • Video Reviews

    Hoot knew?!

    Great validation!

    Inner Earth

    What a time to have a vision of Inner Earth.....always Divine Timing!

  • Connecting With One Another

    Changing the world one smile at a time

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    916.796.Love (5683)

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    Andrea Dawn

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    Andrea Dawn

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  • Pay for Services

    To schedule or book Andrea, please call 775.600.2669

    To pay for your already scheduled session - individual, group or event - click the Buy Now button to access the payment system.

  • Certifications

    I am a lifelong learner and love continuing my education formally and informally. While no single methodology rules my practice, there are many helpful techniques and tools that have guided my spiritual journey. Here is a compilation of certifications I have earned related to spirituality and awakening.

    • Certified Life Force Energy Healer, Master Healer, Deborah King Wellness Healer
    • Certified Spirit Guide Coach, Master Healer, Deborah King Wellness Center
    • Certified Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Center for Positive Living, Accredited by Emerson Institute
    • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Spiritual Center for Positive Living, Accredited by Emerson Institute
    • Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Center for Positive Living, Accredited by Emerson Institute
    • Certified Quantum Process Practitioner, Spiritual Center for Positive Living, Accredited by Emerson Institute
    • Certified Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Center for Positive Living, Accredited by Emerson Institute


    I am also an International Best-Selling Author in a compilation book with 29 other amazing authors. Check out the site to purchase a copy of my book - http://voicesofthe21stcenturybook.com/

    Or go directly to Amazon to purchase - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HYBM3DS

  • Disclaimer

    No information exchanged shall be interpreted as legal, psychological, medical, financial, business or other advice or treatments.

    Fun and Entertaining, Not Professional Advice

    You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the services and content provided through individual, group sessions and events with Andrea Dawn Driver. All statements are provided for entertainment purposes to facilitate discussions about spirituality. No information exchanged shall be interpreted as legal, psychological, medical, financial, business or other advice or treatments.

    Andrea Dawn accepts no liability for any consequences acted upon in the use of any information provided through messages and information delivered verbally, written, stated electronically or expressed through other products or services. Andrea does not guarantee the accuracy of any messages exchanged or services provided and rescinds all liability for any personal, business or health decisions. You must seek professional medical advice from your Healthcare or Service Professional if you have any health or business concerns.

    Individual or group sessions canceled within 3 days of scheduled start time, event tickets, pre-purchased sessions, and products are non-refundable. Your registration and/or payment and/or attendance at appointments, readings and events acknowledge and confirm your understanding of these terms and conditions.